Top 8 Gun Ranges in Seattle: Discover the Best Shots

For enthusiasts and professionals seeking the best gun ranges in Seattle, the city and its surroundings offer a variety of facilities. These ranges provide safe, well-equipped environments for honing your skills, no matter if you're just a beginner or an experienced shooter.

This guide will explore the top 8 gun ranges in the Seattle area. Additionally, we'll touch upon the importance of range safety and how TradeSmart's innovative products can enhance your shooting experience.


Top 8 Gun Ranges in Seattle

Here are the top 8 gun ranges in Seattle - from the prestigious Bellevue Gun Club to the historic Seattle Skeet and Trap Club, these gun ranges cater to a variety of preferences and skill levels.

For more details on each range, you can visit their respective websites.

#1 Bellevue Gun Club

If you're a shooting enthusiast in Western Washington, the Bellevue Gun Club Range is a must-visit. Situated in Bellevue, WA, this sprawling 31,000-square-foot facility stands out as one of the largest indoor ranges in the Seattle area.

It's not just its size that impresses; Bellevue Gun Club proudly holds the NSSF Five-Star rating, signifying its elite status in the shooting community.

The club's dedication to safety and quality is evident in every detail. The range meets stringent Law Enforcement and Military standards, making it a top choice for both professionals and hobbyists.

Safety features include Action Target rifle-grade bulletproof shooting stalls and an advanced air filtration system, ensuring a secure and healthy environment.

Gun Ranges in Seattle

Beyond its impressive facilities, the Bellevue Gun Club is a hub for learning and community. Their extensive range of firearms training courses caters to all skill levels, fostering confidence and expertise.

And for added convenience, the West Coast Armory Pro Shop at the front entrance offers everything you need for a successful range day.

  • NSSF Five-Star Rating: Bellevue Gun Club's NSSF Five-Star rating speaks volumes about its quality and commitment to excellence.
  • Top-Notch Amenities and Facilities: Includes a pro shop, gun cleaning room, classrooms, and a shoot house, providing a comprehensive shooting experience.
  • Focus on Safety and Education: Features bulletproof shooting stalls and certified air quality systems, complemented by a range of educational courses and professional guidance.

#2 RainCity Shooting Center

RainCity Shooting Center is a standout 10-lane, 20-yard indoor range that warmly welcomes shooters of all experience levels. The center prides itself on a knowledgeable staff comprising instructors, competitive shooters, and gunsmiths, ensuring expert guidance and a friendly, ego-free environment.

What makes RainCity unique is its commitment to inclusivity and education. With a broad range of classes, they cater to everyone from beginners to advanced shooters. Their weekly specials, like free rentals and ladies' shoot-free days, add an extra layer of accessibility and excitement for enthusiasts.

Gun Ranges in Seattle

The center also emphasizes safety, requiring shooters to be at least 21 or accompanied by someone 21 and older.

  • Inclusive Atmosphere: RainCity is a place where both novices and experts feel equally at home.
  • Expert Guidance: The staff's experience spans various aspects of shooting, ensuring well-rounded assistance.
  • Educational Focus: With a range of classes and special days, learning and improvement are always on the agenda.

RainCity Shooting Center isn't just a shooting range; it's a community where everyone, regardless of their skill level, can enjoy and grow in their shooting practice.

#3 Securité Gun Club

Securité Gun Club, located at 11910 Woodinville Drive, Woodinville, WA, is a state-of-the-art range that emphasizes safety and comfort. This facility stands out with its extra-wide booths featuring bullet-resistant dividers and independent air systems for each bay, ensuring a secure and healthy shooting environment.

The club's Total Containment bullet capture system with an integrated dust collection system, along with sound-absorbing tiles, highlights its focus on safety and precision.

Gun Ranges in Seattle

Moreover, Securité ensures all shooters attend a safety briefing before their first session, underlining its commitment to responsible gun handling.

  • Advanced Safety Features: The range's bullet-resistant booths and specialized air systems set a high standard for safety.
  • Focus on Precision and Comfort: Designed for comfort, the range reduces noise and ensures a pleasant shooting experience.
  • Strict Safety Protocols: Mandatory safety briefings and strict entry requirements reflect the club's commitment to responsible shooting.

#4 Cascade Shooting Facilities

Cascade Shooting Facilities in Ravensdale is a distinguished non-profit organization offering a comprehensive range of both outdoor and indoor shooting options.

This facility is notable for its extensive array of ranges, accommodating archery, various rifle types, shotgun, and black powder shooting. One of its remarkable features is the 200/300/600 yard outdoor rifle range, a rarity in Western Washington.

Open to members and the public on specific days, Cascade Shooting Facilities is not just a range; it's a community cornerstone providing services like Public Shoot Days, Junior Shooting programs, and Hunter Education classes.

Gun Ranges in Seattle

This facility is a haven for shooters seeking diverse shooting experiences in a scenic and accessible location.

  • Wide Range of Shooting Disciplines: From pistols to high-power rifles, there's something for every shooting enthusiast.
  • Community and Education Focused: Offers programs for juniors and hunter education, fostering a learning environment.
  • Unique Long-Range Shooting Opportunity: The facility boasts one of the few long-range outdoor rifle ranges in the region.

#5 Issaquah Sportsmen's Club

The Issaquah Sportsmen's Club, deeply rooted in the local community since 1920, offers a welcoming and safe environment for both shooting enthusiasts and conservationists.

Gun Ranges in Seattle

Located in the heart of Issaquah, this club is not just about shooting; it's a place of heritage and wildlife conservation efforts. With facilities used by various organizations, including Scouts and Hunter Education, the club fosters a sense of community and learning.

  • Rich History and Community Involvement: A century-long presence in Issaquah, supporting local wildlife conservation and community events.
  • Diverse Shooting Opportunities: Offers a range of shooting experiences, accommodating both the public and members.
  • Conservation Efforts: Actively involved in environmental initiatives, showcasing their commitment to nature and wildlife.

#6 Interlake Sporting Association

Interlake Sporting Association in Redmond, Washington, offers an exclusive members-only outdoor shooting experience. Emphasizing safety and sociability, this non-profit association operates a premier outdoor shooting sports facility, including a nature preserve.

Gun Ranges in Seattle

With a focus on safety, sponsorship is required for new members, ensuring a community of responsible and sociable shooters. The facility hosts a variety of shooting activities and emphasizes community involvement with events and education programs, reflecting its commitment to responsible shooting and environmental stewardship.

  • Members-Only Facility: Ensuring a safe, responsible, and sociable shooting environment.
  • Variety of Shooting Activities: Catering to diverse shooting interests and skill levels.
  • Community and Environmental Focus: Active involvement in community events and environmental conservation.

#7 West Seattle Sportsmen’s Club

The West Seattle Sportsmen’s Club, established in 1934 and located near the West Seattle Bridge, is a notable institution in the Seattle shooting community. It features an indoor 50-foot smallbore shooting range with eight positions and emphasizes safety with NRA-trained Range Masters.

Gun Ranges in Seattle

The club is known for its Junior Shooting Program, competitive leagues, and the West Seattle Totems Junior Rifle Team, which competes nationally. They also offer hunter education, outdoor trips, and community events, making it a hub for both shooting enthusiasts and community engagement.

  • Comprehensive Programs: Offers leagues, junior programs, and hunter education.
  • Focus on Safety and Responsibility: Ensures safety with trained Range Masters and strict policies.
  • Community and Youth Engagement: Home to the successful West Seattle Totems Junior Rifle Team and various community events.

Gun Ranges in Seattle - Range #8 Seattle Skeet and Trap Club

The Seattle Skeet and Trap Club, with a rich history dating back to 1914, offers an excellent shooting experience at its facility in Ravensdale, WA. The club, renowned for its skeet, trap, and sporting clays, is open to the public from Thursday to Sunday.

Gun Ranges in Seattle

A highlight is their commitment to youth development, offering free clay target shooting training for young athletes. With its blend of traditional values and a modern approach to shooting sports, the club provides a comprehensive experience for shooters of all levels.

  • Rich Historical Roots and Modern Facilities: Combining over a century of tradition with contemporary shooting sports.
  • Youth Training and Development: Emphasizes youth involvement with specialized training programs.
  • Accessible Shooting Experience: Public access and a variety of shooting disciplines are available.

Range Safety and TradeSmart Products

When visiting any of these top gun ranges in Seattle, safety should always be your top priority. This involves not only adhering to the range's safety guidelines but also equipping yourself with the right gear. Here's where TradeSmart’s products come into play.

TradeSmart's earmuffs are a standout choice for shooters. Available in five vibrant colors, they offer not only aesthetic appeal but also significant safety benefits.

TRADESMART ear protection

TRADESMART ear protection

With a high Noise Reduction Rate (NRR) of 28 and an advanced 6-layer noise reduction system, these earmuffs effectively protect your hearing. The compact and lightweight design ensures they're easy to carry, while the universal sizing means they fit everyone comfortably.

Pairing these earmuffs with TradeSmart's NRR33 earplugs elevates your protection, offering a combined NRR of 38!

Additionally, the earmuffs can be paired with TradeSmart's ANSI z87.1 safety glasses for complete protection. This combination ensures that your hearing and sight are well-protected, allowing you to focus on your shooting experience.

Conclusion: A World of Choice for Seattle Shooters

Seattle's diverse array of gun ranges offers something for every shooting enthusiast. Whether it's the state-of-the-art facilities at Bellevue Gun Club, the inclusive environment of RainCity, or the rich history of Seattle Skeet and Trap Club, each range brings its unique flavor to the shooting community.

Remember, regardless of your chosen range, safety is paramount. Equipping yourself with TradeSmart's high-quality safety gear ensures a secure and enjoyable experience.

So, embrace the variety, prioritize safety, and enjoy the exceptional shooting experiences that Seattle's top gun ranges have to offer.

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