Range Bag Essentials: The Ultimate Checklist

How often have you headed out to the range only to realize you've forgotten one essential item to make your shooting session successful? It's like showing up to a costume party dressed as Elvis, only to realize you forgot your signature sunglasses and pompadour wig - might as well turn around and go home! We know, we know, feeling like a celebrity caught in a paparazzi storm without your trusty assistant. But this time, we'll be your trusty assistant and provide you with the ultimate range bag essentials checklist!

With this range bag essentials guide, you'll be more prepared than Rambo on a mission - but with fewer explosions and more accurate aim!

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Range Bag Essentials Checklist

Range Bag Essentials Item #1- Firearms

Your trusty firearm is the first and most important item to pack in your range bag. Whether you bring one or a whole arsenal, ensure they're all locked. Suppose you're packing a long gun, like a rifle or shotgun. In that case, make sure to bring a shooting mat or rest.

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Range Bag Essentials Item #2 - Ammunition

Without ammo, your firearm is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Pack enough bullets to last you through the apocalypse - or at least your range session. You can store your ammo in fancy ammo boxes or old yogurt cups (no judgment here); make sure they're easily accessible when you need to reload. And if you're forgetful, a dedicated pocket in your range bag for your precious ammo will keep it from rolling around like a loose marble.


Gun Range Bag Essentials Item #3 - Eye Protection

Next up on our range bag essentials list is eye protection. And no, we're not talking about the latest designer shades that'll make you look like a movie star - unless you're shooting a western. We're shooting targets, so safety glasses are the answer to protecting your precious eyes from flying brass and debris.

Ensure your glasses are certified for impact resistance and don't fog up like a bathroom mirror after a hot shower. We can help you with this! Check out the TradeSmart z87.1 Shooting Glasses with anti-fog & scratch-resistant coating. Your eyes deserve the best, so why not protect them with a pair (or two) of ANSI-certified safety glasses?

personal protection gearpersonal protection gearAnd hey, we're not saying we need a 'thank you' card or anything, but if you happen to love the TradeSmart z87.1 Shooting Glasses as much as we do, feel free to leave us a review. We won't say no to a little ego boost. Plus, it'll help us improve our product and keep our bosses off our backs...

Read our cool pieces on 'Types of Safety Glasses' and 'How to Keep Your Glasses from Fogging Up' to make an informed decision!

Tactical Bag Essentials Item #4 - Ear Protection

Ear protection is the range bag essential that makes you feel like a secret agent or a rockstar. But in reality, it's just a necessary item to protect your hearing from the loud sound of gunfire.

Trust us, you don't want to leave the range with ringing ears that make you feel like you're in a constant state of "WHAT?!" Grab a pair of ear muffs or ear plugs (or both) and save yourself from the sound of a fellow range goer's terrible shooting skills.

shooting ear protection

shooting ear protectionDon't act like you're invincible; protect your ears. TradeSmart offers NRR28 shooting earmuffs in 5 different colors and NRR33 earplugs for shooting. And if you're feeling extra cautious, why not combine the two for a whopping NRR38? With our ear protection, you can rest easy knowing that you'll still be able to hear us when we ask for that review.

Tactical Bag Essentials Item #5 - Cleaning Supplies

Don't be the person who forgets their gun cleaning supplies and has to use some leaves from the nearby bush to wipe down their gun (yes, we've seen it happen). Pack a small cleaning kit with a rod, brush, patches, and solvent in your range bag.

Not only will it ensure that your gun stays in tip-top shape, but you might even become known as the "cleanest shooter on the range" (a prestigious title, we assure you).

gun cleaning kit

Tactical Backpack Essentials Item #6 - First Aid Kit

Whether it's a cut from a sharp edge or a scrape from a clumsy maneuver, it is good to have a first aid kit in your range bag. Plus, it's like having your personal nurse on the range - just don't expect them to have painkillers stronger than a band-aid.

In case you get a paper cut while trying to open a band-aid, Tradesmart is here to save the day with our non-existent paper cut medical kit. Okay, we don't have one of those, but we do have a fantastic regular medical kit. Well, actually, we don't have that either. But MyMedic offers a great Trauma First Aid Kit, so make sure to check them out!

first aid kit

Tactical Backpack Essentials Item #7 - Tactical Hat

Next up on our range bag essentials list is a tactical hat. The perfect accessory for when you want to look like a Navy SEAL even if you have the shooting skills of a toddler. Don't let that stop you, though! With the right tactical hat, you can look like you know what you're doing even if your aim is a little... off.

A tactical hat can be a lifesaver in the scorching sun or pouring rain, providing much-needed shade or protection from the elements.

tactical hat

tactical hatTradeSmart's American flag hat not only exudes style but is also tailored for maximum comfort, making it the perfect choice for any shooting enthusiast. Crafted from 100% cotton, you can wear it all day without worrying about itchiness or sweat.
Unlike others, TradeSmart's hat is specialy designed with a thin band that won’t break the noise seal when wearing earmuffs. Additionally, this hat keeps your hair and sweat out of your face and eyes, allowing you to focus solely on your target. And if you have a ponytail, don’t worry - this American flag hat is also ponytail-friendly! Don't wait any longer, get your hands on one now!

Tactical Backpack Essentials Item #8 - Targets

Targets are the perfect excuse to take out all your frustrations on a piece of paper, so they're on our list for a reason. Sure, you could just use the plain old bullseye targets, but where's the fun in that? Spice up your range day with zombie targets! These unique targets are sure to add some excitement to your shooting practice, with their fun and colorful zombie designs that make it easy to track your shots.

shooting target

Tactical Backpack Essentials Item #9 - Shooting Mat

A mat is not just for picnics anymore! While it may seem like a simple accessory, a shooting mat can provide numerous benefits for any shooter.

For starters, it is designed to protect your knees from the hard or uneven ground that is often found at shooting ranges or in the great outdoors.

But that's not all - a shooting mat also offers stability and accuracy. It allows you to stabilize your body and reduce any movement that may affect your shot. This can be particularly helpful for long-range shooting or when shooting from a prone position.

shooting matAdditionally, a shooting mat can also keep your body elevated and protected from mud, dust, or moisture on the ground. This can be especially important in wet or dirty shooting conditions, helping to keep you clean and dry while you focus on your shot.

Adding a shooting mat to your range bag can make all the difference in your comfort, accuracy, and overall success on the range.

Tactical Backpack Essentials Item #10 - Personal Comfort Items

Personal comfort items are like the cherry on top of a sundae - they make the shooting experience all the more enjoyable. Some of the crucial personal comfort items are:

  • a water bottle is a must-have for staying hydrated, especially if you're shooting in the scorching sun
  • snacks are also important to keep you fueled because nobody wants a hangry shooter
  • sunscreen - so you don't come home looking like a ripe tomato
  • insect repellent is also a key player in your range bag because mosquito bites are like little reminders that you're not at the top of the food chain
  • finally, a jacket is versatile and can protect you from the elements or double as a makeshift shooting mat in a pinch

So remember to pack these personal comfort items because a happy shooter is a good shooter.

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What Is a Tactical Backpack?

A tactical backpack is not just any ordinary backpack; it's built tough for the most challenging missions. Tactical backpacks are designed for military personnel and law enforcement officials with multiple compartments and pockets for organizing and carrying essential gear, such as firearms, ammunition, first aid supplies, and more. They are durable and have reinforced stitching to withstand extreme conditions.

TradeSmart Tactical Backpack

Check out TradeSmart's tactical backpack! It's made of 100% certified Cordura fabric, a durable and lightweight material that resists abrasion and tears. It features strong stitching that can hold up to 50 lbs without slouching, with inner and outer thick lining to protect gun accessories. The backpack also has separate locks for handguns and ammo and a middle section to store all necessary range essentials.

range bag

range bagOther features include YKK heavy-duty zippers, adjustable shoulder and chest straps, and a dedicated velcro patch area. The backpack comes with a 2-year warranty and FREE SHIPPING.


All the essentials in your range bag are crucial for a successful and safe shooting session. Forgetting even one item can damage your experience and compromise your safety. Keeping your range bag organized and ready for use ensures that you are always prepared, no matter when or where you decide to shoot.

By taking the time to pack all the necessary items and adequately organizing them, you can focus on what really matters: improving your skills and having a great time at the range.

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