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Men & Women Comfortable Shooting Earmuffs and Shooting Safety Glasses

Shooting Ear & Eye Protection

Free Shipping on Everything, Always 10 Year, Piece of Mind, Warranty

A man wearing TradeSmart Safety earmuffs while shooting at the gun range.

Comfortable Shooting Ear & Eye Protection for Men & Women

Both sudden and prolonged loud noises can cause irreversible hearing damage. Protect yourself & your loved ones with TradeSmart shooting earmuffs - featuring a 6-piece noise filtration system that blocks low, mid & high range frequencies.

✔️ NRR 28 Shooting Earmuffs ✔️ One-size-fits-all

Perfect Fit For Your Gun Earmuffs: z87.1 Shooting Glasses

Avoid eye injury in any situation. TradeSmart shooting safety glasses can stop a steel ball going 150 mph. Do your thing freely and confidently, knowing your eyes are protected. 

✔️ ANSI z87.1 glasses ✔️ Anti-fog, anti-scratch coating

A man holding a Glock 19 while wearing TradeSmart Shooting Earmuffs and Safety Glasses.

The "Smart Starter" Pack

TradeSmart Essential Gear

NRR 28 Shooting Ear Protection Earmuffs
z87.1 Clear/Tinted Shooting Safety Glasses
Microfiber Pouch

Note: Safety glasses are fitted with anti-fog & anti-scratching coating solutions. Made with thin, flat arms that don’t dig into your temples and break the noise seal from shooting earmuffs.

The "Go Pro" Pack

TradeSmart Professional Gear

1x NRR 28 Shooting Headphones
1x z87.1 Clear Safety Glasses
1x z87.1 Tinted Safety Glasses
5x Pairs of Shooting Ear Plugs for “Double Plugging”
1x Universal Hard Carrying Case

Note: Safety glasses come with anti-fog & anti-scratch coating solutions. NRR 33 ear plugs are disposable. Compact case fits into your bag or clips on the outside. Case fits other brands (details in FAQ).

The "Top of the Line" Pack

TradeSmart Premium Gear

NRR 28 Earmuffs for Shooting
z87.1 High-Impact Clear Safety Glasses
z87.1 High-Impact Tinted Safety Glasses
5x Pairs of Disposable Ear Plugs for “Double Plugging”
Hard Carrying Case for Easy Carry

Note: Shooting glasses are fitted with anti-fog & anti-scratching coating solutions. Made with thin, flat arms that don’t dig into your temples and break the noise seal from earmuffs.

Warranty? How about... 10 years.

Yes. We're that sure you're going to solve all your eye & ear protection needs right here.

Charity Initiative

Proudly wear TradeSmart shooting ear & eye gear. Part of profits go to helping underprivileged kids.

10-Year Warranty*

Buy now risk-free. No 30 days. No 3 months. 10 Years. (*Details in FAQ)

Free Shipping

Shipped to your door from our Wisconsin warehouse, free of charge.

Proudly American

Made, designed & Imported by TradeSmart LLC, a US company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike many others, our safety glasses are made with thin, flat arms. They won’t dig into your temples when you put your shooting headphones on, and they also won’t break the noise seal from your earmuffs. This makes them safer and more comfortable. 

Furthermore, Tradesmart donates a percentage of its profits to charities that help underprivileged kids. This gives you the option to equip yourself with professional shooting gear, while helping charities at the same time - at no charge to you at all.

Our shooting earmuffs (same in all packages) provide NRR 28. For additional hearing protection, you can wear your earplugs at the same time, giving you NRR 38. On their own, earplugs provide NRR 33. 

Note: Earplugs are included in our “Professional” and “Premium” packages, and come in 5 pairs.

Clear shooting glasses provide clear vision, anti-fogging & eye safety for indoor ranges. 

Tinted safety glasses are the same. Plus they help you shoot outdoors, in sunlight. 

If you still find yourself squinting your eyes in the sun, our expert advice is simple: Wear a hat. :-)

Our easy-claim warranty covers manufacturer’s defects. Please note that you should consider replacing your safety glasses after some wear and tear. Safety comes first.