Empowering the Underprivileged Through Education

TukTuk is a non-profit focused on making early education possible for children in Cambodia.

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Our 1, 2, 3: Resources, Access & The Future

Providing Educational Resources for Children

Our ResourceBank includes materials like worksheets, books, lesson plans, educational music, videos, and more.

Enabling Access to Resources for Teachers

Physical and digital spaces for teachers to access resources so the children can learn and have a chance to reach their potential.

Making Educational Sustainability Possible

The end foal is to build a sustainable education platform so the locals can independently lead their educational growth.

Situation Overview In Numbers

57% of Khmer children miss out on early education.

*25% of chlidren at the primary school level can't write a single word.

50% of Khmer children never attend secondary school.

30% of children under five still remain developmentally stuned.*

*Source: Unicef Cambodia (2018), Phare (2015), World Bank (2019)

TukTuk Projects

Specific Challenges Require Specific Solutions

Resource Bank

A growing collection of resources that support teachers who inspire these young students. This includes books, games, worksheets, music, videos and other material.


We designed storybooks that are relevant to the local culture and the schools' curriculum. All in an effort to truly inspire Khmer children and get them to fall in love with education.

Digital Library & AccessBox

Khmer teachers use our Digital Library to access and use the Resources Bank materials. We implemented AccessBox, a solar-powered digital hotspot to provide both online and offline access to resources.

Mobile Library

It's exactly what it sounds like. A library on wheels! We use it to rotate books around preschools in Khmer. A book that would've been used in only 1 preschool before, is now used in 13.

Basic schooling material isn't exactly abundant in Khmer. Teachers usually have a black board, some chalk, and that's about it.

Art supplies, books, worksheets, and other materials are simply not available in many cases. Mobile Library helps change that.

TukTuk Networks

This is our growing network made for teachers and communities.

One of its goals is gaining support among local leaders, another is to encourage self-creation and sharing of Khmer educational resources.

Like with every other project, the end goal is always to empower the community to reach sustainable, independent educational growth.

What Local Teachers & Leaders Say About TukTuk

Transparency, Accountability & Your Support

Visit TukTuk website to see our roadmap, goals, account books, and funding report freely.

We believe transparency and accountability are crucial for our success. We've always kept our records open to the public, and always will.

You can also donate, volunteer, or partner with us. Visit the website to learn how.