Shooting Headphones & z87.1 Safety Glasses

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Congrats! Your search for “best buy” certified safety gear ends here!

Protect yourself and your family with top-of-the-line premium gear: NRR 28 shooting headphones, NRR 33 ear plugs, extra-padded safety glasses. Keep it all neat and range-ready in the hard carrying case. Buy now with NO risk to you with our extraordinary 10-year warranty guarantee!

"Everything you need is provided, very comfortable,indoor and outdoor safety glasses, ear plugs and 2 clip rings. Very happy...

- Ethan, happy TradeSmart Safety customer


Warranty? How about... 10 years?

Yes. We're that sure you're going to solve all your eye & ear protection needs right here.

We're not messing around.

Buy TradeSmart safety gear today, and we’ve got your back until 2032 with our worry-free guarantee.

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