Shooting Ear Muffs & ANSI Safety Glasses


Congrats! Your search for “best buy” certified safety gear ends here!

Shooting range, garage work, yard work. Make sure you & your loved ones are safe with this professional safety kit. NRR 28 earmuffs for shooting, NRR 33 ear plugs, and ANSI anti-fog safety glasses. All in a compact carrying case.

Buy risk-free with 10-year warranty.

"...Great set for those who regularly go to the range!

Steward D., happy TradeSmart Safety customer


Warranty? How about... 10 years?

Yes. We're that sure you're going to solve all your eye & ear protection needs right here.

We're not messing around.

Buy TradeSmart safety gear today, and we’ve got your back until 2032 with our worry-free guarantee.

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