Best Gun Safes: Top 6 Gun Safes For Any Budget 2024

Concealing a firearm might seem like enough - a mistaken belief held by many gun owners. Around 75% of children residing in households with guns know their hiding spots, even when parents are confident in their concealment efforts. Consider this: annually, close to 1,300 children lose their lives due to gun-related incidents! Not to mention the range of accidents stemming from unauthorized access to firearms… However, we're not here solely to recite statistics; we've not only pinpointed the problem but also identified a straightforward solution – acquiring a gun safe. Curious to discover the best gun safes available?

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best gun safes

Types of Gun Safes

Securely storing your home defense guns in a gun safe is extremely important to ensure they are accessible yet safely kept away from unauthorized users.

Just like there are different types of cars for different needs, gun safes come in various shapes for different uses. Let’s briefly mention all types of gun safes:

Handgun or pistol safes. These are like cozy homes for small firearms, providing quick and secure access when needed.

Long gun safes, which are like tall wardrobes for your rifles and shotguns. They're perfect for keeping your long guns safe from curious hands or potential damage.

If you're into secrets and surprises, hidden safes are like the cool kids on the block. They look like regular items but hide your guns safely.

Car safes are like little vaults for your vehicle. They're ideal when you're on the move but still want to keep your firearms secure.

While exploring options for the best gun safes, you might also be interested in discovering powerful handguns that meet your specific needs for security and self-defense.

Top 6 Best Gun Safes 2023

We've handpicked the top 6 options to guide you in making an informed choice. Each of these safes has its unique strengths, offering a range of features tailored to various preferences and requirements.

Top Gun Safe #1: Barska - Biometric Safe for Rifles and Shotguns

For those seeking both accessibility and security, the Barska Biometric Safe emerges as a top contender. This safe offers the convenience of a biometric fingerprint feature, allowing quick access to your firearms.

With the ability to accommodate 2 to 4 rifles, along with a removable shelf for handguns, it strikes a balance between practicality and compactness. Crafted from 100% steel walls and fortified with tamper-resistant inner edges, this safe ensures your firearms are inaccessible to unauthorized users.

However, please note that it's not fireproof. The high-quality biometric scanner grants access in a mere 2.5 seconds and the option for a silent mode adds an extra layer of discretion. With pre-drilled holes and concrete mounting hardware included, installation becomes a breeze.

Ideal for rifles, ammo, handguns, and more.

#CommissionsEarnedBarska Biometric Safe

Top Gun Safe #2: Stack-On 22 Gun Security Safe With Combination Lock

If you're searching for a reliable solution with ample storage, the Stack-On 22 Gun Security Safe with Combination Lock is a solid pick.

With a capacity to hold up to 22 rifles or shotguns up to 54 inches tall, this safe offers generous space. It's versatile, too, allowing configuration for either 11 firearms and storage or entirely for storage purposes.

The safe's exterior features a sleek black epoxy paint finish with chrome accents, lending a touch of style. The electronic lock is equipped with operational lights, providing alerts for open, low battery, and incorrect entry instances.

Inside, the fully carpeted interior prevents scratching and keeps your firearms in perfect condition. Notably, this safe is not only suitable for guns but also for valuable documents and jewelry. 

#CommissionsEarnedStack-On 22 Gun Security Safe with Combination Lock

Top Gun Safe #3: INTERGREAT - Quick Access Safe

For those seeking a balance between handgun and long gun storage, the INTERGREAT Quick Access Safe presents a compelling solution.

The innovative shelf design divides storage space, accommodating both long rifles and handguns. Adjustable gun racks ensure a snug fit for your firearms.

Moreover, a removable 5-slot pistol support adds an organizational touch to your storage solution. This safe offers two methods of opening: digital code and emergency keys, providing flexibility and convenience.

The door boasts ample storage pockets for pistols, bullets, and other accessories, ensuring your essentials are easily accessible. Built with durable cold-rolled steel, the safe's construction is reinforced for enhanced safety.

The inclusion of pre-drilled holes facilitates wall or floor mounting, making it a versatile choice for various settings.


Top Gun Safe #4: Awesafe Gun Safe

Prioritizing secure handgun storage, the Awesafe Gun Safe is tailored to accommodate either two standard handguns or one larger pistol, along with extra ammunition.

This safe is constructed with solid steel and features a pry-resistant door, ensuring your firearms remain safeguarded.

The inclusion of a gas strut and LED lighting allows for quick, quiet, and single-handed access. This feature makes it ideal for bedside or closet storage.

Furthermore, its portable design lends itself to on-the-go applications, ensuring your firearms are protected wherever you are.

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Top Gun Safe #5: Vaultek VT20i & VT10i

For those seeking a fusion of modern technology and reliability, the Vaultek VT20i & VT10i series offers a range of entry options. These safes boast key, electronic button, fingerprint, and Bluetooth phone app methods of opening.

The VT10i comfortably houses a full-sized pistol and two magazines, while the larger VT20i is capable of accommodating even more substantial firearms.

With a biometric reliability of approximately 90%, these safes provide accessible security. While the biometric reader might not be 100% perfect, it's a suitable balance of convenience and reliability.

These safes' contemporary design and versatile entry methods cater to those who value accessibility without compromising security.

#CommissionsEarnedVaultek VT20i & VT10i

Top Gun Safe #6: TradeSmart Gun Backpack

How does the backpack function as a gun safe?

The key purpose of this backpack is to facilitate the safe and legal transportation of guns from your home safe to the gun range. It's designed to ensure that both your ammunition and weapons are stored separately and securely during transport, adhering to safety and legal standards.

The TradeSmart Gun Backpack stands out with its thoughtful design and features. It offers multiple compartments and specialized pockets for easy access to shooting gear. Its protective padding and TSA-approved locks ensure both impact protection and security against unauthorized access.

The backpack is robust, capable of holding over 50 pounds and made from durable Cordura™ fabric. It includes premium YKK zippers for reliability, adjustable straps for custom fit and comfort, and a concealed 'Anti-Theft' pocket for extra security.

This backpack is more than a storage accessory; it's an all-in-one solution for safely transporting firearms and ammunition. Its practical design extends beyond the shooting range, making it suitable for various outdoor activities.

The inclusion of a 2-Year Warranty speaks to its quality, and its separate compartments for firearms and ammunition align with responsible firearm ownership practices.

    TRADESMART Gun Backpack

    tactical backpack

    Alongside choosing the best gun safe, it's essential to maintain your guns with quality gun cleaning kits, keeping them in optimal condition for reliability and longevity.

    Are Cheap Gun Safes Worth It?

    Understanding how much to allocate for a gun safe is a crucial step in this journey. Imagine it as a shield safeguarding not just firearms but also the well-being of your loved ones.

    Gun safes come in various price brackets, offering an array of features and qualities that cater to your needs. At the more affordable end, you'll find options that ensure basic security and ease of access.

    Stepping up in budget ensures sturdier constructions, enhanced locking mechanisms, and potentially fire-resistant capabilities.

    However, remember this: your investment in a high-quality gun safe transcends dollars and cents. It's a commitment to securing your firearms responsibly, prioritizing the safety of those you hold dear.

    Electronic or Mechanical Lock - Which One to Choose?

    Let's talk about the locks that keep your gun safe and tightly sealed. You have two main choices: electronic and mechanical locks.

    Best Gun Safes

    Electronic Locks

    Electronic locks offer modern convenience, letting you swiftly unlock your safe with a PIN or fingerprint. They're like the latest gadgets that are easy to use and give an added layer of security.

    Electronic Locks Advantages

    Quick Access: Electronic locks usually provide faster and easier access to your firearms. A simple PIN or biometric scan can open the safe swiftly in critical situations.
    Multiple User Access: Some electronic locks allow you to program multiple user codes or fingerprints, making it convenient for several authorized users.
    Audit Trail: Some high-end electronic locks offer an audit trail feature that records when the safe was accessed and by whom.
    Modern Technology: Electronic locks integrate well with modern technology, allowing for remote monitoring and control.

    Electronic Locks Disadvantages

    Batteries Required: Electronic locks need batteries to function, which means you must ensure they are always charged or replaced.
    Vulnerability to Malfunction: Electronic components can malfunction due to electrical issues or technical glitches, potentially causing access problems.

    Mechanical Locks

    On the flip side, mechanical locks are like those old-school secrets – they rely on turning dials or pressing buttons in a specific sequence. While they might seem a bit slower, they don't need batteries and can keep your safe locked up even when the power's out.

    Mechanical Locks Advantages

    Reliability: Mechanical locks have a long history of being reliable. They don't rely on batteries or electronic components that could fail.
    Durability: Mechanical locks are generally more robust and less susceptible to wear and tear.
    No Batteries Needed: Since they are not battery-dependent, mechanical locks don't require constant attention to battery levels.

    Mechanical Locks Disadvantages

    Slower Access: Mechanical locks tend to be slower to open compared to electronic ones, as they involve turning dials or pressing buttons in a specific sequence.
    Less Advanced Features: Mechanical locks lack the high-tech features like biometric scans and remote access that electronic locks offer.
    Learning Curve: It might take some time to get used to the specific combination or sequence required to open a mechanical lock.

    Depending on what you value most – quick access or traditional reliability – you can pick the lock that suits you best. It's like choosing between a cool new game and a classic book – both have their own charm.

    Elevating Firearm Safety: Premium Gun Safety Kit

    The Premium Gun Safety Kit is an essential tool for comprehensive firearm safety, providing protection for your guns and yourself.

    It includes high-quality earmuffs with a noise reduction rate of 28, offering excellent hearing protection. These earmuffs are universally sized, foldable, and complemented by NRR33 earplugs and ANSI z87.1 safety glasses, ensuring a complete safety experience.

    The earplugs, made from German BASF foam, are comfortable, durable, and versatile, suitable for various environments beyond shooting ranges.

    The safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1 certified, featuring anti-fog properties and extra padding for clear, comfortable vision in different conditions. They're available in multiple lens options and are compatible with earmuffs for a seamless fit.

    A durable hard carrying case completes the kit, designed to organize and protect the safety gear. It can hold two pairs of glasses and one set of earmuffs, with additional pockets for extra storage.

    This kit emphasizes the importance of quality safety gear and the peace of mind and responsibility that comes with firearm ownership.

    premium gun safety kitpremium gun safety kitThis kit isn't just about the gear; it's about peace of mind, confidence, and responsible firearm ownership. After all, a holistic approach to firearm safety guarantees you can enjoy your shooting experiences to the fullest while ensuring the safety of everyone around you.

    In Closing: Securing Your Firearms with the Top 6 Best Gun Safes of 2023

    As we conclude our exploration of the top gun safes available in 2023, several key takeaways emerge. The Barska Biometric Safe for Rifles and Shotguns offers a winning combination of biometric security and space efficiency, making it an excellent choice for quick and secure access.

    The Stack-On 22 Gun Security Safe impresses with its ample storage capacity and configurable design, catering to the needs of gun enthusiasts with various collections. The INTERGREAT Quick Access Safe redefines storage by offering a practical shelf layout, ensuring organized storage for long guns and handguns alike.

    Additionally, the Awesafe Gun Safe focuses on securing handguns responsibly, while the Vaultek VT20i & VT10i series introduces a blend of modern technology and reliability for those who value accessibility.

    As responsible gun owners, the safety of our firearms should never be compromised. Selecting a gun safe that aligns with your budget and needs ensures that your firearms are kept out of unauthorized hands, minimizing risks to your loved ones and the community.

    Remember that the effectiveness of any firearm is also in choosing the right ammo, much like selecting the perfect key for a lock, ensuring every component works in harmony for your safety and precision.

    Prioritize safety, make an informed choice, and contribute to fostering a culture of responsible firearm ownership.

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