Guns for Women: Top 7 Firearm Choices Handpicked by Women

We're diving into the intriguing field of firearms today, and no, it's not a men-only club. Once considered a male-dominated area, the tide is turning, and we're here to fan the flames. Are there guns for women?

Let's get some numbers on the table. According to a 2022 Gallup survey, the number of gun-toting women has risen like a phoenix. In 2016, 15% of women reported owning a gun. Fast forward to last year, and that figure rose to 22% - the highest level since Gallup started tracking American firearm ownership annually in 2007!

Let's put that into perspective. That's a 7% increase in a matter of six years. Meanwhile, the guys have hit a plateau with their rates of gun ownership remaining stagnant, around 40%, over the last decade and a half.

guns for women

Ready to explore your options and become a member of this rising tide of armed women? Let’s get on to the good stuff!

Safety First

First, let's give a nod to safety. Because, when it comes to guns, safety is not just a mantra - it's a necessity!

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Guns for Women: Finding the Perfect Fit

Remember that time you were at the range, and the firearm felt like you were trying to hold onto a greased watermelon? Not fun, right? And, trust us, you're not alone.

Gun safety expert and instructor Candy Sugarman has been there, tried to fire, and had to admit, "This gun and I are not a love match."

Keep this in mind - we're looking for a perfect fit, not a forced one.

‘This sizing problem typically pops up more for ladies than men, primarily because, well, our hands are, on average, a bit smaller’, says Candy in one of the lessons from TradeSmart’s ‘Firearm Confidence Course’.

Now, you might be wondering, "What makes a gun a good fit?" It's not about the color, or the brand, or the price tag. It's about how well it nestles in your hand, how confidently you can control it, and, importantly, how effectively you can fire it. When you pick up the right firearm, it will feel like an extension of your arm.

So, it's time for a show and tell. We’re going to introduce you to a selection of guns that are like the Goldilocks of firearms for women - they're just right. We'll take a look at why they fit better in smaller hands and why they might just be the perfect guns for women.

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Glock 42

Catering to those discerning shooters who have been seeking the smallest Glock available, the Glock 42 stands tall—or should we say, comfortably petite?

guns for women

This gem in .380 AUTO is compact, easy to handle, and holds all the reliable features that Glock patrons have come to love.

From the Glock SAFE ACTION system, with its multiple integrated safety aspects, to its unassailable reliability and durability—this is a micro that doesn't compromise on power.

Easy to manipulate the magazine and slide release, this little powerhouse fits into your hand like a glove.

Dan Wesson 1911 Eco Pistol .45

ECO is a true single stack officer size 1911, weighing in at only 25 oz. This is no ordinary gun; this is reliability redefined with the latest tech, assuaging all the typical criticisms directed at Officer 1911s.

guns for women

The Dan Wesson Eco chambered in .45 auto comes with a flush cut ramped bull barrel with target crown, making it compact and easy to disassemble. The unique recoil system, a flat recoil spring rated for an astonishing 15,000 rounds in .45 ACP, provides a smooth slide for easier operation and less felt recoil.

Its safety can be easily flipped on and off, and despite the slight challenge with the magazine release reach, it still provides a comfortable trigger experience.

Springfield 911

The Springfield 911 is a modern micro-sized nod to the classic full-sized 1911, perfect for concealed carry.

It elegantly fuses traditional design with modern materials and intuitive features. Picture this: a modern gun that doesn't feel like a modern gun—an appealing paradox for classic gun aficionados living in the 21st century.

guns for women

The handling of the 911 reminds you of the time-honored design of the 1911. Plus, it comes with an extender on the magazine for a complete grip, even for the pinky.

The controls? Easily manipulable, making it as swift as your draw.


The SIG SAUER P365 isn't just a gun; it's a revolution in the micro-compact pistol category. It's a concealed carry pistol that gifts you more capacity, more concealability, and more capability.

Over three months and 1,250 rounds, the P365 proves its worth. It fits perfectly in larger hands with an extended magazine seated—no pinky dangle. It boasts a simple, low-profile control with an aggressive but comfortable textured grip that's soothing even after 500 round shooting sessions.

Overall, the P365 offers a well-thought-out combination of precision, ergonomics, and enduring value.

Smith & Wesson CSX

The CSX by Smith & Wesson is built on an aluminum alloy frame with interchangeable polymer backstraps, allowing you to customize the level of concealment and ergonomic fit.

Despite its micro-sized frame, it holds 12+1 capacity, making it a reliable concealed carry choice.

While it takes a slightly different ergonomic approach than most other firearms, the CSX's unique design allows for a solid grip, making it a joy to handle.

Glock 19

The Glock 19 in 9 mm Luger is a jack of all trades, thanks to its reduced dimensions.

It's not just a conventional service pistol; it doubles up as a backup weapon or a concealed carry, packing in the firepower without the bulk.

With a trigger pull of 28 N and a standard magazine capacity of 15 rounds (extendable up to 33 rounds), this little beast doesn't skimp on power or reliability.

guns for women

Ruger Max-9

The Ruger Max-9 is more than just a handgun—it's a personal protection companion.

Whether you're a firearms newbie or a seasoned enthusiast, this micro-sized pistol packs it all without compromising on capacity or features.

Comfortable enough to conceal in an inside the waistband holster or pocket holster, the Ruger Max-9 brings together ruggedness, reliability, and affordability. It's not just a gun; it's peace of mind.

guns for women

Trigger Reach: Key Consideration for Women Gun Owners

When it comes to firearms, trigger reach is much more than a matter of convenience - it's a crucial factor in safety, comfort, and accuracy.

For women gun owners, the distance from the back of the grip to the trigger needs to be just right for a comfortable and secure shooting experience. The trigger should rest naturally on your finger, not too far in and not too far out. It's about finding that "Goldilocks" zone - a reach that is just right.

Remember, comfort and safety in shooting come from a gun that fits your hand well, and a suitable trigger reach is an integral part of that fit.

Gripping The Gun: Ensuring Safety and Comfort

The way you grip your gun plays an essential role in your shooting experience. It's not simply about holding tight; it's about maintaining control, ensuring safety, and facilitating accuracy.

A proper grip should be firm yet relaxed - enough to securely hold the gun but not so tight that it causes discomfort or affects precision. A good grip isn't only about physical strength; it's about technique, safety, and yes, comfort.

Guns for Women - Busting Some of The Gun Myths

Now let's take a moment to dispel a prevalent myth in the world of firearms - that small guns and revolvers are the go-to choices for women. This notion is as outdated as it is misleading.

While smaller firearms can be easier to carry and handle, they often have a heavier trigger pull and greater felt recoil, which can make them less comfortable to shoot.

The reality is, women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes, and so too do our preferences and comfort levels when it comes to firearms. Some may prefer a compact handgun, while others might find a full-sized model more comfortable and easier to control.

The key is to choose a firearm that suits your personal needs, capabilities, and comfort. Whether it's a petite pistol or a larger model, the best firearm for you is the one you can handle confidently, safely, and comfortably.


Choosing the right firearm is a personal journey that is as unique as you are. It's about finding a reliable companion that offers safety, comfort, and confidence.

From ultra-compact Glock 42 to the game-changing SIG SAUER P365, the spectrum of choices in women's firearms today is vast and varied. And as we've seen, the key to finding the right gun lies in understanding your needs, your physical comfort, and busting the myths that have long governed women's choices in firearms.

Remember, an empowered woman isn't just one who carries a firearm, but one who carries it with confidence, knowledge, and a deep respect for its power and purpose.

So, as you venture into the world of firearms, remember: your safety is paramount, your choice is personal, and your journey is just beginning. Happy shooting!

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