Black Tactical Backpack for Gun Range with 2 TSA Code Locks


Congrats! Your search for a “best buy” tactical backpack is almost over!

Ergonomic range bag holds your guns, ammo, safety gear, keys, wallet, and other valuables secure behind two separate TSA-locks. Rucksack holds 50+ pounds without losing its box shape.

Buy now with no risk to you thanks to our 10-year warranty!

..."Backpack is awesome, and has a bunch of customizable options with the molle system. Great product!"

- John, happy TradeSmart Safety customer


All-New TradeSmart Military Backpack

What can you fit inside?

  • 3 handguns, 4 magazines, box of ammo

  • cash, keys, phone, membership card

  • 2 TradeSmart kits each with earmuffs & glasses

  • laptop & flat targets inside vertical pocket

Hanguns, magazines & ammunition are secured by 2 TSA Locks

10 Years 'Worry-Free' Warranty

You get a 10-year warranty guarantee for this military backpack that protects you from manufacturer’s defects.

Why Buy TradeSmart Tactical Backpack?

Quality, safety, and comfort.

  • Durable Cordura™ fabric makes sure you don’t have to buy again for a very long time

  • Fits to your body shape & size with adjustable shoulder straps, and the chest strap that can move up and down

  • Prevent access to kids & strangers at home and at the range, with two separate TSA-locked areas

  • One backpack for everything: guns, ammo, magazines, valuables, targets, laptop, earmuffs, glasses, and more

  • Customize with your patch thanks to velcro area on front of the shooting bag

  • This purchase supports a charity program that helps underprivileged children (read more)

And yeah, don't forget 10 Years ‘Worry-Free’ Warranty

What makes this tactical backpack so special?

New Tactical Backpack
from TradeSmart

TradeSmart is a U.S.-registered company that sells ANSI-certified safety gear. 10,000 units sold through Amazon, achieving an average rating of 4.8/5 from American shooters & tradesmen.

tactical backpack
  • Keeps its ‘box’ shape when full, bag is 12in across, 19in high, 8.5in wide

  • Holds 50+ pounds of guns, ammo, and safety gear, 5mm thick lining

  • Two TSA-locked areas prevent unauthorized access

  • 10-Year warranty & charity initiative

Tactical Backpack
Center Pocket

The center area of this range bag fits two full TradeSmart kits, with extra room for muffs, bottles, or clothes. Also has a 11in wide, 14in deep vertical “slip-in” pocket for your laptop & flat targets.

  • This area alone fits enough shooting gear for multiple people

  • Can be padlocked to prevent access to pistols below

  • If used for travel, this 8x12x10in area fits a good amount of clothes & accessories

  • Can be accessed from the top and the bottom, if not locked

Tactical Backpack
Top Locked Pocket

The TSA code-locked pocket on top of the military backpack holds 4 pistol magazines & a box of ammo. Use the mesh pocket inside the same area to secure your cash, cards, keys, and phone.

  • Fits 4 magazines & box of ammo, or 6 magazines

  • Mesh pocket for valuables (cash, phone, charger, keys…)

  • Secured by a TSA lock

  • For peace of mind to and from the range

Tactical Backpack
Bottom 'Anti-Theft' Pocket

Another TSA-locked pocket adjacent to your lower back, hidden from view & safe from unauthorized access. Fits 3 handguns, with dividers inside that you can move anyway you want.

military backpack
  • Fits 3 handguns, hidden from plain sight

  • Keeps guns away from ammo

  • Secured by a TSA lock

  • For peace of mind to and from the range

Tactical Backpack
for the Range, Work or Travel

This backpack was made with tradesmen & shooters in mind, but many will use it for travel as well. The bottom compartment divider can be removed to create space for larger items, or more clothes & accessories.

military backpack
  • 2 TSA locks protect your valuables & items from being quickly accessed & stolen

  • Anti-Theft hidden pocket great against pickpocketing in cities

  • 5mm thick padding protects your laptop, phone camera

  • For peace of mind wherever you go

We're not messing around.

Buy TradeSmart tactical backpack today, and we’ve got your back until 2032 with our worry-free guarantee.

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