Tactical Backpack with Cordura Fabric™, Code Lock Pouch For Handguns & Ammo

Congrats! Your search for a “best buy” tactical backpack is almost over!

Ergonomic range bag holds your guns, ammo, safety gear, keys, wallet, and other valuables secure behind two separate TSA-locks. Rucksack holds 50+ pounds without losing its box shape.

Buy now with no risk to you thanks to our 10-year warranty!


All-New TradeSmart Gun Backpack

What can you fit inside?

  • 3 handguns, 4 magazines, box of ammo
  • cash, keys, phone, membership card
  • 2 TradeSmart kits each with earmuffs & glasses
  • laptop & flat targets inside vertical pocket

Hanguns, magazines & ammunition are secured by 2 TSA Locks

10 Years 
'Worry-Free' Warranty

You get a 10-year warranty guarantee for this military backpack that protects you from manufacturer’s defects.

Why Buy TradeSmart Tactical Backpack

Quality, safety, and comfort.

  • Durable Cordura™ fabric makes sure you don’t have to buy again for a very long time
  • Fits to your body shape & size with adjustable shoulder straps, and the chest strap that can move up and down
  • Prevent access to kids & strangers at home and at the range, with two separate TSA-locked areas
  • One backpack for everything: guns, ammo, magazines, valuables, targets, laptop, earmuffs, glasses, and more
  • Customize with your patch thanks to velcro area on front of the shooting bag
  • This purchase supports a charity program that helps underprivileged children (read more)

And yeah, don't forget 10 Years ‘Worry-Free’ Warranty

We're not messing around.

Buy TradeSmart tactical backpack today, and we've got your back until 2033 with our worry-free guarantee.

What makes this tactical backpack so special?

New Tactical Backpack from TradeSmart

TradeSmart is a U.S.-registered company that sells ANSI-certified safety gear. 10,000 units sold through Amazon, achieving an average rating of 4.8/5 from American shooters & tradesmen.

  • Keeps its ‘box’ shape when full, bag is 12in across, 19in high, 8.5in wide
  • Holds 50+ pounds of guns, ammo, and safety gear, 5mm thick lining
  • Two TSA-locked areas prevent unauthorized access
  • 10-Year warranty & charity initiative

Tactical Backpack Center Pocket

The center area of this range bag fits two full TradeSmart kits, with extra room for muffs, bottles, or clothes. Also has a 11in wide, 14in deep vertical “slip-in” pocket for your laptop & flat targets.

  • This area alone fits enough shooting gear for multiple people
  • Can be padlocked to prevent access to pistols below
  • If used for travel, this 8x12x10in area fits a good amount of clothes & accessories
  • Can be accessed from the top and the bottom, if not locked

Tactical Backpack Top Locked Pocket

The TSA code-locked pocket on top of the military backpack holds 4 pistol magazines & a box of ammo. Use the mesh pocket inside the same area to secure your cash, cards, keys, and phone.

  • Fits 4 magazines & box of ammo, or 6 magazines
  • Mesh pocket for valuables (cash, phone, charger, keys…)
  • Secured by a TSA lock
  • For peace of mind to and from the range

Tactical Backpack Bottom 'Anti-Theft' Pocket

Another TSA-locked pocket adjacent to your lower back, hidden from view & safe from unauthorized access. Fits 3 handguns, with dividers inside that you can move anyway you want.

  • Fits 3 handguns, hidden from plain sight
  • Keeps guns away from ammo
  • Secured by a TSA lock
  • For peace of mind to and from the range

Tactical Backpack for the Range, Work or Travel

This backpack was made with tradesmen & shooters in mind, but many will use it for travel as well. The bottom compartment divider can be removed to create space for larger items, or more clothes & accessories.

  • 2 TSA locks protect your valuables & items from being quickly accessed & stolen
  • Anti-Theft hidden pocket great against pickpocketing in cities
  • 5mm thick padding protects your laptop, phone camera
  • For peace of mind wherever you go

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great backpack

Great backpack.

High-quality backpack. Very happy with my purchase.

Top-quality and thoughtful design make this range bag a Must-Have!

This bag is perfect for those looking for a spacious option to take to the range. The materials used are of excellent quality, making the bag durable and long-lasting. The various pockets are thoughtfully designed, and I especially appreciate the slim pocket on the back, which is perfect for my cell phone. The MOLLE and Velcro patch panel are great added features. The locking top compartment is a fantastic addition and comes in handy for storing my wallet and keys. The main compartment is spacious enough to hold all my necessary gear, including my hearing protection, cleaning supplies, and ammo. The target pocket is a great touch and keeps my targets protected. I also appreciate the bottom gun storage compartment and the built-in locking feature. The side carry handles are a nice touch and make it easy to transport the bag. Overall, this is a fantastic bag with plenty of features that any range-goer would appreciate.

A tough range bag with good security features, but some annoying flaws

If you're looking for a strong bag that you can jam everything you'll need for a day at the range into, this definitely looks like it would fit the bill. It has excellent materials from fabric to zippers, and the build quality is fantastic. It has a bunch of excellent features and well thought out pockets, however it does have a few oddities and a couple of flaws.

What I like:
- There's a small slim pocket on the back that's perfect for slipping a cell phone into.
- The included MOLLE is a nice touch, and I sometimes attach a sunglasses case to it.
- The addition of the Velcro patch panel is another nice touch.
- I love the locking top compartment, and I use it for storing my wallet and keys in there. They suggest ammo, but other than a couple of loaded magazines, it is quite awkward to put a bunch of weight in there.
- The main compartment is large enough to easily hold my hearing protection, cleaning supplies, a few boxes of shells, tape, etc.
- I like the target pocket, it keeps them flat and the hi-vis ones from getting scratched up.
- I mostly like the bottom gun storage compartment. The built in locking feature is great, but unless you lock it from inside the main compartment with your own lock, it isn't secure. That said, you'd have to go through the bag contents to get to where you could unzip it.
- The side carry handles are nice and I've used them a bunch.

What's odd:
- The inclusion of the side compression straps is an odd choice for a bag that's designed to maintain its structure. The bottom strap is on the gun compartment, and on the inside of the gun compartment other than guns, are stiff plastic panels Velcro'd in place. You realistically can't use these straps for anything other than attaching something to the outside of the bag, I slip a light jacket in there because sometimes indoor ranges can get pretty cold.
- The main compartment does not have a built-in locking feature like the other two, nor does it offer locking zipper pulls like the one in the bottom of the main compartment.

What I don't like:
- Unless you lock the zipper pulls together on the bottom of the main compartment, you can access whatever firearms are locked in the bottom compartment by going through the main compartment. This is a critical point to make because unless you add you own lock to the inside, this compartment is not locked at all.
- The backpack straps feel almost like an afterthought. They're OK, but they're not the level that they should be for a bag in this price range, or one that is designed to carry a lot of weight, such as that of several firearms and boxes of shells. I added a photo of a similar priced bag's straps for comparison.
- I wish it had a few more dividers for the bottom compartment. Two isn't enough and it is a huge area for a sidearm to be bouncing around in, look at the vendor photo for an example. When set to the right size (see attached with remote control for demo), you can really only carry two with a big empty area next to them. Right now I put a few boxes of shells in there instead.

Overall, this is a good range bag that has a few issues. It has a good high-quality build and excellent materials throughout. All of the zippers operate smoothly, and I have never had any issues with them. There are great locking compartments, though you do need to add a lock of your own to the gun compartment or it isn't locked at all. It only takes a moment, and it isn't too big of a deal to address, but it is worth noting. Also worth noting, I see that the vendor has uploaded a video showing the zipper pulls for the bottom compartment as being accessed from the bottom compartment. That may be if they've redesigned the product, but that's not the case with the one I got, see attached photo and video.

Honestly though my biggest issue is the price, as there are significantly tougher bags with better more comfortable straps in this price range with locking zipper pulls, but that being said they won't have the features this one does either. I think with some updates this would make the perfect range bag, and the price wouldn't be a problem.

Minimum recommended updates for the vendor:
- Get rid of the zipper access to the locking bottom compartment by going through the top compartment, it's honestly not necessary and only adds a needless security risk.
- Add a built-in lock for the main compartment as well, or at the very least change the zipper pulls to the kind you can add a lock to yourself.
- Beef up the backpack straps. There are tougher and thicker ones on my kid's school backpack.

Keeps everything secure as advertised

I was initially a bit worried because the only review on the backpack was saying you can access the guns through the main compartment. I bought my sound blockers and glasses from TradeSmart before and the quality was great so reached out to support to make sure it was secure. You can see their response in the Q&A section and they even took the time to make a video to show me exactly how to make it secure. I love the backpack. I only have one gun. I'm a newbie but I can fit my water bottle and cleaning kit in the other 2gun compartments. My range instructor also loved it. Very happy with this buy.

Awesome product!

Backpack is awesome, and has a bunch of customizable options with the molle system. Great product!