TRADESMART Shooting Headphones & z87.1 Safety Glasses

Congrats! Your search for “best buy” certified safety gear ends here!

Protect yourself and your family with top-of-the-line premium gear: NRR 28 shooting headphones, NRR 33 ear plugs, extra-padded safety glasses. Keep it all neat and range-ready in the hard carrying case. Buy now with NO risk to you with our extraordinary 10-year warranty guarantee!

Premium Glasses: Clear Lenses
Color: Gunmetal Gray
Gunmetal Gray


Shooting Headphones & Anti Fog Safety Glasses Premium Kit

What's included?

  • NRR 28 Shooting Range Headphones
  • z87.1 High-Impact Clear Shooting Glasses
  • z87.1 High-Impact Tinted Shooting Glasses
  • 5x NRR 33 Disposable Ear Plugs
  • TradeSmart Hard Carrying Case

Choose color and glasses configuration above.

How about... 10 years?

Yes. We're that sure you're going to solve all your eye & ear protection needs right here.

Why Buy TradeSmart Earmuffs for Shooting & ANSI Safety Glasses?

They all get asked: "How did you do it?"

If you want to become someone who answers that question regularly, TradeSmart shooting safety gear is a great start.

  • Be the first ready to shoot or work because adjustable and flexible gun range safety gear fits comfortably right away…
  • Avoid dealing with red, painful temples because TradeSmart ANSI shooting safety glasses are made with flat arms…
  • Never find out how nerve-wracking ear ringing is because you’re wearing certified shooting range headphones...
  • There is no need to risk hearing or eye injury, buy safety glasses and shooting headphones that keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Never forget your shooting ear muffs or anti fog safety glasses as it is all neatly packed together in your new TradeSmart hard carrying case.
  • Avoid taking your shooting eye protection glasses off every 5 minutes to clean the lenses, thanks to the anti-fog coating…

…And the only one solving all your safety needs with a single purchase, because we’ve got your back with our 10-year warranty!

We're not messing around.

Buy TradeSmart safety gear today, and we've got your back until 2033 with our worry-free guarantee.

TradeSmart Premium Kit for Shooting Range Includes

TradeSmart NRR 28 Shooting Headphones

Chainsaw, nail gun, electric saw, high-caliber guns and assault rifles. None of these can damage your hearing with TradeSmart earmuffs. Stay safe & do your thing all day. No hassles, concerns, or awkward fits. They’re simply built for comfort, with a 6-layer noise reduction system.

  • Wear all day without red, sore ears
  • Perfect fit for TradeSmart safety glasses
  • Block out damaging noise comfortably
  • ANSI certified in the US, up to OSHA standards


"Fast delivery, excellent headphones for the range."

May 6, 2022


TradeSmart High-Impact Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Maximum protection for you and your loved ones. High-impact frames on shooting safety glasses, padded for extra comfort, and a rubber nose-guard. Shoot or work safe from harm and distractions.

  • Anti-fog safety glasses, scratch resistant
  • UV-400 protection, z87.1 certified
  • Padded for comfort & protection
  • Rubber nose-guard

Great gift

Bought for my son for Christmas, really likes uses every time he goes shooting.

February 3, 2022


TradeSmart NRR 33 Ear Plugs for Shooting

NRR 33 provides more than adequate hearing protection. And if you want even more, wear your shooting ear muffs on top of shooting ear plugs and get superpower protection, a staggering NRR 38!

  • NRR 33 or NRR 38 combined with shooting headphones
  • Comfortable, disposable
  • German quality BASF composition
  • 5x pairs in color of your choice

TradeSmart Hard Carrying Case

You get there and then realize you forgot your shooting ear protection, ear plugs, or the microfiber pouch that's used to clean your range glasses. Never forget anything with the TradeSmart original hard carrying case.

  • Keep your whole kit neat in one place
  • Fits shooting headphones, 2x ANSI safety glasses, ear plugs
  • Clips easily onto another bag for easy carry
  • Never drive back because you forgot your ear muffs for shooting or shooting eye protection glasses

Better quality than expected for the price

"I was very surprised at how great this item was. The quality is better than I expected....even the case the product is stored in is made well for the price."

October 25, 2020


Customer Reviews

Based on 341 reviews
Muffles the sound!

Great for the air show and fit is snug and comfortable.

Amazon Customer
Ear muffs heavy

Appearance very nice. Muffs n glasses. Glssses fit well. Muffs heavy. Had to return and bought slim light weight design muffs

Value for the price

Comfortable fit. Noise cancellation is great. The goggles and earmuffs and carrying case are quality items.

Good Price, Quality Needs Improvement

Rashoxmon here, giving you an honest take on the TradeSmart Couples Gifts – All-in-One Shooting Ear & Eye Protection. The price point is definitely a plus, but there's room for improvement on the quality front.

Let's break it down. The ear muffs, while functional, lean towards the uncomfortable side. The same goes for the eye protection – it gets the job done, but prolonged wear isn't exactly a breeze.

On the bright side, these do match up with the standard range loners in terms of quality. If you're in the market for budget-friendly backup gear for the range, the TradeSmart Couples Gifts might just fit the bill.

Amazon Customer
Love this set

Worked perfectly