Gun Ear Protection Kit 1

Congrats! Your search for “best buy” certified safety gear ends here!

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy your moments together without hassles, bad fits, or even worse - hearing loss or eye damage. Get your NRR 28 shooting ear muffs and z87.1 shooting safety glasses risk-free thanks to our 10-year warranty.

Glasses: Clear & Tinted Lenses
Color: Yellow
Gunmetal Gray


Ear Muffs for Shooting & Gun Safety Glasses Essential Kit

What's included?

  • NRR 28 Shooting Range Earmuffs
  • ANSI z87.1 Clear Safety Glasses
  • ANSI z87.1 Tinted Safety Glasses
  • Microfiber Pouch

Pick your color and lens configuration in the above section.

How about... 10 years?

Yes. We're that sure you're going to solve all your eye & ear protection needs right here.

Why Buy TradeSmart Shooting Earmuffs & Gun Range Glasses?

TradeSmart safety gear is ANSI & z87.1 certified, and vouched for by thousands of American DIY enthusiasts and shooters.

  • Be the first ready to shoot or work because adjustable and flexible shooting gear fits comfortably right away…
  • Avoid dealing with red, painful temples because TradeSmart ANSI z87.1 safety glasses are made with flat arms…
  • Never find out how nerve-wracking ear ringing is because you’re wearing certified ear muffs for a gun range...
  • There is no need to risk hearing or eye injury, buy ANSI safety glasses and gun ear muffs that keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Never forget your gun range ear muffs or fog proof safety glasses as it is all neatly packed together in your new hard carrying case.
  • Avoid taking your safety glasses off every 5 minutes to clean the lenses, thanks to the anti-fog coating…

Solve all your safety needs with a single purchase because we’ve got your back with our 10-year warranty!

We're not messing around.

Buy TradeSmart safety gear today, and we've got your back until 2033 with our worry-free guarantee.

TradeSmart Essential Kit for Shooting Range Includes

TradeSmart NRR 28 Gun Range Ear Muffs

Keep your hearing safe and avoid developing chronic tinnitus while using power tools or shooting. Gun range ear muffs fit perfectly with our ANSI z87.1 safety glasses without breaking the noise seal. No-hassle, easy fit thanks to One-Size-Fits-All design.

  • For comfortable yard work or shooting range
  • 6-layer noise reduction system in gun ear muffs
  • Perfect fit with ANSI z87.1 safety glasses
  • US certified

My first pairs of earmuffs

"I am a new gun owner and so are my sisters. Got myself and my sisters pink color earmuffs. Products are true to description and photos presented. I was in the shooting range for at least 2 - 3 hours. Didn't have any problems with noise, I am usually very sensitive to loudness."

September 23, 2021


TradeSmart ANSI z87.1 Safety Glasses

Designed with your comfort & safety for a day in the yard, garage, or at the shooting range. Flat arms on fog proof glasses won’t dig into your temples or break the noise seal. Wear ‘em all day looking good and get things done hassle-free.

  • For effective work and precise shooting
  • Anti-fog & scratch resistant coating
  • ANSI shooting glasses & earmuffs, US-certified
  • UV 400 protection

Great value

"Bought this for my wife as she is just getting back into shooting. She loves it. Glasses, ear plugs and ear muffs and bag all color coordinate so that was a plus for her. She used them and was very pleased with the ear protection and the clear view out of the safety glasses."

August 12, 2021


Customer Reviews

Based on 288 reviews
Julie c
Love these!

The ear protection is really comfortable, They are tge best I've had! The Eyewear fits perfectly

R . A.
Works good

I’ve been using it for long time. So far so good

Amazon Customer
fast delivery!

good product !!

Beverley Sparks
The comfort is super

I liked everything about this product but I still have to check the noise cancellation part. I have perfect hearing so I am looking forward to testing.

Guy and Brandy
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Blast Your Buds with Confidence! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

If you've ever wondered what it's like to feel like a secret agent while shooting at the range, TradeSmart has you covered! I recently got my hands (and ears and eyes) on the TradeSmart High-Performance Earmuffs and Shooting Eye Protection Glasses, and boy, oh boy, did they deliver!

👂 Shooting Hearing Protection: These earmuffs are like the bouncers at the coolest nightclub for your ears. With a booming NRR28 rating, they make loud gunshots sound like a whisper. Plus, they're comfier than a marshmallow pillow, so I didn't mind keeping them on all day. What's more, I could chat with my range buddies without yelling - a rare feat for earmuffs!

👓 Shooting Eye Protection: The glasses are like the James Bond of eyewear. They fit like a glove and don't mess up my shooting stance or make my ears uncomfortable. It's like they were designed for both action and style. Plus, TradeSmart threw in a nifty pouch that doubles as a lens cleaner. No more foggy glasses ruining my aim!

🔫 Firearm Confidence Course: As if the earmuffs and glasses weren't enough, TradeSmart decided to give me a free online "Firearm Confidence Course" thrown in with my purchase. I completed it in my pajamas while sipping coffee, and now I feel like I can outshoot a ninja. Kudos to TradeSmart for going above and beyond!

Overall, these products are the Batman and Robin of the shooting range - they're the dynamic duo you never knew you needed. And with a 10-year hassle-free warranty to boot, you can bet I'll be a TradeSmart fan for life. So, what are you waiting for? Grab these bad boys and turn your next shooting session into an action movie!