TRADESMART Construction Ear Protection - With Fogless Safety Glasses & Microfiber Pouch, Purple

  • EAN : 5060599561547
  • Origin: Made & imported by TradeSmart LLC, a US Company. Proudly serving Americans with "Best Buy" hearing protection, work headphones & fogless safety glasses. 
    • 8,000+ HAPPY CUSTOMERS love their TradeSmart hearing protection earmuffs and fogless safety glasses. Use your pair for lawn mowing, yard blowing, cutting, construction… Wherever your hearing needs protection, and you need peace of mind to work in comfort, without interruption. Courtesy of Tigerz-28 ANSI-rated NRR 28 decibel defense earmuffs.

    • FOR PRECISE WORK: Safety glasses don’t fog or scratch easily, and come with a soft-rubber nose guard. Unlike others, we made our glasses with flat arms! This means they don’t dig into your temples - no pain or discomfort after wearing them for a few hours! And they don’t push the ear cushions and break the noise seal. See? We didn’t name our brand TradeSmart for no reason :).

    • COMFORTABLE ALL DAY: Soft ear cushions and a soft headband - get your work around the house done with no pain, discomfort or awkward fits. Adjustable earmuffs fit adults & teenagers, men and women, with the “1-size-fits-all” design. Foldable for easy carry & storage. Keep your vision safe and clear while you work.

    • DELIVERED TO YOU: 1x purple safety earmuffs, 1x purple clear safety glasses, 1x purple tinted safety glasses, 1x microfiber pouch so you can store all protection gear neatly in one place. Backed by a 10-year easy claim warranty.

    • CHILDREN’S CHARITY: Part of TradeSmart profits go to underprivileged kids. Do your part by proudly wearing TradeSmart ear protectors for noise and safety construction glasses.


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