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Tradesmart and Tuk Tuk for Children

Whether it is in school, in the workshop or at the gun range, education is a very important part of life. It is through education that you have decided to purchase from our Tradesmart safety range and because of your purchase with Tradesmart, you will also help underprivileged children get education as well.

You see, I started Tradesmart for 2 reasons;

  1. As a Tradesman, I was constantly frustrated that I could not get decent eye and ear protection at a reasonable price and that were comfortable to wear all day. 

  2. I wanted to give back more to the community but needed a career that would give me the flexibility to invest both time and money into charity.

Enter Tradesmart. We are the main corporate sponsors for Tuk Tuk for Children (TT4C) that helps kindergarten age children through a mobile toy and book library and various teacher training. AT LEAST 20% of the profits from Tradesmart, go directly into TT4C to help cover the overheads and running costs that keep the charity going. 



So why do we say AT LEAST 20%?

Because 20% is our minimum outlay. This changes from month to month and so far has been anywhere from 25% to 30% depending on the months requirements. But not only does the charity benefit from direct financial support, we also donate our time and expertise without taking a salary. 

So you can rest assured that your ears and eyes will thank you for your purchase, and so will the children and teachers that get a better chance at education thanks to your thoughtful purchase. You can find out more at