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Based on 1341 reviews
Very Satisfied

Thank you for my well packaged and quality products. I am very satisfied with my purchase

Great protection

I bought this set for the gun range & it blocks out the noise, as expected. I didn’t need the glasses but my daughter was able to use them, so that was a plus & she was also able to use the ear plugs. All I needed were the ear muffs but the extra accessories made the purchase even better.

Great all in one ear protection

Nice little case that holds everything you need to go to the range. Seems like it blocks noise at an acceptable level.

Great job of hearing protection.

Fits well and excellent hearing protection.

TRADESMART Shooting Ear-Protection Earmuffs, 2X Safety Glasses, Protective Case

Great product

Fits perfectly. Very comfortable. I use these at the gun range. They don't cancel out 100% of the noise but you can't beat them for the price.

Gets the job done.

Tried the ear & clear eye protection last week at the indoor range, they get the job done. For me, the clear eye protection fits comfortably and isn’t tight behind my ears at the end of a fun day at the range. The ear protection is adjustable, my only complaint would be that at the end of the day my ears were damp with sweat.

Everything works great!

I used it at the gun range. Ear protection works great and the glasses fit perfectly with them.

Very nice headset

I bought this set to keep my husband's snoring at bay while camping. I tested it and slept beautifully. Of course, I will use on the range, as well!

Over the head ear protection

these are great, but they aren't adjustable, They are a bit tight, so my ears hurt after a while. I'm hoping they will loosen as I continue to use them.


They are okay, they are just way too big looking on my head. They may hinder aiming down sight for some people because the plastic outside the ear is just too bulky.

Does the job

Hubby bought he and I some of these and we used them at the range and they do just what they said. Cute little case too.

Good quality

Nice fit and good quality

Very comfortable

The safety glasses and earmuffs are very comfortable and I hardly know I have the glasses on

Very comfortable

The safety glasses and earmuffs are very comfortable and I hardly know I have the glasses on

Noise cancelling

My wife and I used it today 3/11/22 very comfortable and easy to adjust.


Buenísimos gears, muy buena calidad

Rang Shooter

Great head phones cancelled out most of noise at shooting rang. Perfect fit and I love the color!

ESSENTIALS - Earmuffs and Clear & Tinted, Indoor Safety Glasses
William Rittman
Well done!

Good features.

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